Welcome to The Breast Health Clinic

Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and breast disease.

Our professionals are specifically trained and certified in the respective fields of Surgical Oncology, Breast Disease and Women's Health.



The staff of The Breast Health Clinic has been trained in - and is accustomed to managing - the sensitive, anxious and, at times, emotional needs of our patients.


Our practice brings more than 30 years of dedication to the surgical treatment of cancer and 15-plus years of specialized breast cancer management to patients in the community.


We offer the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases in a caring and efficient environment. The philosophy of our Clinic is to manage diagnosis workup effectively and expeditiously.

The Breast Health Clinic Services

  • Full Field Digital Screening Mammography

  • Full Field Digital Diagnostic Mammography

  • Breast Ultrasound

  • Clinical Breast Evaluations and Counseling

  • Image-Guided Percutaneous Biopsies

  • Stereotactic X-Ray Guided Percutaneous Core Biopsy

  • Surgical Biopsies

  • Genetic Testing and Counseling

  • High Risk Patient Management

  • Ductal Lavage-Galactography

  • Evaluation and Relative Counseling on Tumor Specific Genes

  • Breast MRI Availability

  • High Risk Cancer Prevention

  • Breast Conserving Cancer Surgery

  • Radical Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Breast Cancer Follow-up and Coordination of Care

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Phone:  770-461-1337
Fax: 770-461-0922

Email: info@thebreasthealthclinic.com

Spivey Station Physician Office, 7823 Spivey Station, Suite 205, Jonesboro

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