The History of our Clinic

The Breast Health Clinic opened in Riverdale, Georgia in 1981 and moved to Fayetteville, Georgia in 1982, where it operated as a General Surgical and Surgical Oncology practice. The office, is now located at 7283 Spivey Station in Jonesboro, Georgia, conveniently situated near the Spivey Station Women's Diagnostic Center, where it continues to provide breast cancer mammography and other breast health services since opening.

Our breast mammography clinic is solely dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and management of breast cancer and breast diseases. Cancer prevention and detection are accomplished through the use of digital mammography techniques and numerous other services within the breast mammogram clinic offices as well as in conjunction with hospital-based treatment. Due to advances in digital mammogram techniques and breast cancer treatments, the fields of breast cancer oncology and surgical oncology have become more complex and specialized. During the course of the ensuing years, the understanding of the biology of cancer rapidly advanced. Consequently, the overall management of breast diseases evolved, becoming more complex and specialized. With the advancement of the science and relative technology,

The doctors have concentrated on effective, expeditious management of suspicious breast findings, less invasive image-guided biopsies, minimally invasive surgical treatment of breast cancer, and counseling, management, and follow-up with patients at high risk for development of breast cancer.

The Breast Clinic is a vibrant practice dedicated exclusively to the care of breast cancer and breast-related problems, and continues to offer the latest advancements in the surgery, diagnosis, counseling and treatment of breast diseases.

Hospital Affiliations

Southern Regional Medical Center 
11 Upper Riverdale Road 
Riverdale, GA 30274 

Southern Regional Women's Life Center
11 Upper Riverdale Road 
Riverdale, GA 30274

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Spivey Station Physician Office, 7823 Spivey Station, Suite 205, Jonesboro

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